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What is Comikey?

Manga, Manhua, Manhwa, and Webtoons! Unlock a whole new world of comics with Comikey! Comikey is a free app for reading all of your favorite comics in English. Read Simulpub chapters of officially licensed comics, and support creators by reading your favorite series on Comikey. Don’t want to pay? No worries! Read nearly our entire catalog for FREE by watching ads!

Visit our About us page to learn more about who we are and what we do!

What are Manga, Manhua and Webcomics?

Manga: Manga are comics or graphic novels originating from Japan. They are multi-panel, usually published in grayscale, and are read right to left. Manga is a popular form of consuming comics both in Japan and abroad.

Manhwa: Manhwa (also generalized as Webtoons) are comics or graphic novels originating from Korea. These comics are usually read from the top-down and left to right.

Manhua: Manhua are comics or graphic novels originating from China. Similar to Manhwa they are also read from the top-down and left to right.

Webcomics: Manhwa and Manhua collectively form a greater category called Webcomics. In this day and age of mobile connectivity, Webcomics are known to be comics that are easily accessible and digestible as they are formatted for smartphone readers.

What does simulpub mean?

Simulpub (also known as simultaneous publication) means releasing, or publishing the latest content alongside their country of origin. That means you get to read the latest chapter on Comikey the day it’s released in countries like Japan, Korea, and China!

How to unlock content on Comikey?

Comikey now has four different ways to unlock new content on its platform:

  • Daily Pass: This is essentially our “wait for free” option. Unlock one new chapter (per series) every 23 hours for free! You can read any chapter (except for the latest ones), in any order, with no ads. Chapters that are unlocked through this method will stay unlocked for 72 hours.
  • Watch to Read: Unlock any chapter every 23 hours (except for the latest ones) by watching a video ad. Chapters that are unlocked through this method will stay unlocked for 72 hours.
  • Unlock with Keys: Support the publisher and artists by purchasing Comikey’s currency, called “Keys”, to unlock the latest chapters. Unlocking chapters via this method will keep them unlocked in your account forever! Plus, you can bulk purchase chapters so you can find out what happens to your favorite hero.
  • Free-Paid-Free: With the Free-Paid-Free option, a new chapter will be available to read for free for the first few hours of its release. Then, the chapter will lock for 12 hours; this is another instance where your Keys will come in handy! After a 12-hour lock period, the chapter will be free to read again for one week! Note that this is a legacy method currently being phased out, and is only permitted for select series.

These options will be available via the following methods:

  • Website:  Free-Paid-Free, Keys.
  • Mobile: Wait for free, Watch to read, Free-Paid-Free, Keys.

What devices is Comikey available for?

Comikey is available on your web browser, on your laptop, desktop, and mobile device. We support most modern web browsers and are continually improving our reading experience online.

Do you have a mobile app for Comikey?

Yes! Comikey has a mobile app available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Is Comikey a legal publisher of comics?

Yes! Comikey is a legal digital comic reading platform. We hold the proper rights to all content hosted on our platform. We are actively working with publishers like Shogakukan’s MangaOne division, Hakusensha, SQUARE ENIX, Coamix, Compass, Manhuatai, Kanman Manhua, Kuaikan Comics, and Shinchosha to give you access to all your favorite comics!

Is all Comikey content protected under copyright law?

Yes, all of our content is under copyright law. Unauthorized use, sharing, or duplication of our contents is prohibited and may be punishable under copyright laws. By using our service, selling our contents for profit, or non-profitable purposes is not allowed. Accounts that go against our Terms of Use may be terminated. If your account is terminated, we will not compensate you for any remaining keys on your account.


What are the benefits of creating an account on Comikey?

You will be able to access locked content as well as purchase paid content by registering on Comikey. Plus, you’ll be able to:

  • Keep track of all the comics you’re reading and have completed
  • Favorite, bookmark, and follow series for up-to-date notifications
  • Buy, collect, spend and redeem beta keys and Xtra keys
How do I create an account? You can create an account by registering here.
Can I create an account using my other Social Media accounts? Yes you can create an account and sign-in using Google, Facebook, Twitter and Discord. You can learn more about the 3rd party services we allow on our registration page.

How do I delete my account?

You can email us at to get your account deleted. Your account will be deleted within 30 days proceeding deactivation. Account deletion will result in losing all of your keys and all purchased content on your account.

What information does Comikey collect?

Please see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

Keys/Unlocking Content

How do I read content on the platform?

The Comikey platform uses a currency called “Keys” to unlock chapters of your favorite comics. To unlock a chapter, simply click on the chapter that has the “unlock with key” prompt. A modal will pop up showing the number of keys you’ll need to unlock the chapter. Simply click unlock to continue reading the chapter.

What are Keys?

Keys are the Comikey platform currency. They are used to unlock chapters, chapter packs, and more.

There are two different types of Keys: one known as Xtra Keys, and then a regular Key.

What are Xtra keys?

Xtra Keys are Keys that you earn by doing different tasks (campaigns, events, reading specific series’, reading a specific number of chapters, sharing invite links, etc.). These keys are time-limited, free (Xtra) keys that you can use instead of beta or regular Keys.

Use these Xtra Keys to explore and read series that you may be interested in, but aren’t willing to use the beta, and regular Keys to unlock!

How do I buy more Keys?

You can buy more Keys here.

How do I get more Xtra keys?

You can earn more Xtra keys during campaigns, events, and seasonal promotions.

What form of payment does Comikey accept?

We accept credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. 

Are my payments secure?

Your payments are processed using Braintree, a PayPal service that is widely used across the internet. Comikey & Braintree does not store any credit card or other information beyond what is strictly necessary to validate your purchases.

Am I supporting the creator of the content by purchasing/unlocking chapters?

Profits from all of our markets are shared with the original publishers, so they can continue to bring us great stories! Your support ensures their comics’ success and encourages the continuation of serialization.


How can I report bugs on the platform?

You can report bugs on our Discord in the bugs channel, or email us at

How can I suggest new features for the platform?

You can suggest features on our Discord in the Suggestions channel, or email us at

What social media presence do you have?

We're on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, and Discord!

How do I keep track of the chapters or series I’ve already read?

You will be able to keep track of them from the My Comics page.

Platform Guidelines

"User Postings" means content, including text, data, photographs, graphics, images, information, and any combination of these elements which you and other users may submit to the Services, including through comments and other features like Creator Profiles.

Abusive or Hateful Content

Malicious or abusive content or comment toward creators or other users is not allowed. This includes revealing an individual’s personal information (e.g. real name, contact information, address, social security numbers etc.).

Hateful content or comment that promotes or encourages violence, or has the primary purpose of inciting hate towards individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political orientation, etc. is not allowed.


Posting, distributing, or transmitting any third party’s copyrighted content without the copyright holder’s consent is not allowed. Examples of prohibited content include:

  • Posting, distributing, or transmitting any third party’s copyrighted content without the copyright holder’s consent (e.g. images, gifs, screenshots, image edits)
  • Using a creative work commercially without proper permission
  • Copying or linking materials from another website or service without permission
  • Providing free downloads of copyrighted material
  • Infringing any third party’s intellectual property right including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, design rights, patent rights, etc.

Mature or Sexual Content

Content that contains nudity or is intended to be sexually gratifying is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, full and partial nudity, as well as graphic depictions of sexual acts.

The ‘Mature Content Warning’ feature should be used to identify mature themes and content, including topics of sexuality. However, please note that utilizing the ‘Mature Content Warning’ feature does not mean that nudity or explicit sexual content is allowed on the platform.

Violent or Graphic Content

We do not allow graphic depictions of gratuitous violence or content that promotes acts of violence. Examples of prohibited content include:

  • Brutal, extended, graphic acts of violence
  • Depiction of sadism, or glorification/promotion of inflicting harm on others
  • Glorification or promotion of self-harm

Spam and Advertising

Posting unsolicited or unwanted content or links is not allowed. This includes creating profiles or uploading content with the primary purpose to drive traffic to external websites. Using automated means to increase view counts or perform social interactions, or creating multiple accounts to increase view counts or perform social interactions will result in account suspension or removal.

Dangerous or Illegal Content

Content that is encouraging, promoting, or soliciting dangerous or illegal activity is not allowed. Examples of dangerous or illegal content include, but are not limited to:

  • Spreading misinformation
  • Content with themes of incest and grooming
  • Glorification or promotion of illegal substances or drug use

Potentially Unlawful Content

We reserve the right to remove content and discipline conduct that we deem to be potentially unlawful in our sole discretion. Examples of potentially unlawful content or conduct include (i) defamatory content, (ii) factually false or deceptive content, (iii) content that violates the privacy rights of another person, and (iii) repeated or serious harassment of other users through the Services.

Content Moderation

You acknowledge and agree that we may use automated and/or discretionary tools and systems to review and monitor User Postings and other content on the Services for violations of this Agreement and applicable law.

Reporting Comments and Posts

To report comments, Posts, or other content of Creator Profiles that violates this policy or our Terms of Use, click on the “Report” link below every comment or the “more” button on the applicable Posts or Creator Profile. Reported material will be reviewed by our moderation team, and comments, Posts, or other content in violation of our policies will be removed.

Violations of this Policy

Notwithstanding any remedies available to us in the Terms of Use, we reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate in response to violations of this Policy. Users who violate this Policy may be suspended from posting or submitting User Posting (temporarily or permanently) or have their account and access to the Services suspended or terminated. While we generally attempt to provide advance notice to users of actions we take in response to policy violations, we may elect not to do so at our sole discretion. As a result, violations of this Policy or the Terms of Use may result in permanent loss of User Postings and other content previously accessible through the Services. If your content has been removed or suspended due to policy violations, you may contact our support team at However, please note that we do not offer an appeals process for actions we take in response to violations of this policy.